Arihant General Knowledge 2019 Book PDF By Manohar Pandey Free Download

Arihant General Knowledge 2019 Book Pdf – Hello friends, all of you are welcome again on Sarkari Guides. Today we have brought you a very important book for all of us to prepare for special competitive exams. This book is named “Arihant General Knowledge 2019 Book Pdf”.

This book is written by Manohar Pandey. It is designed to prepare for special SSC, UPSC, Banking, Railway & Other Competitive Examinations.

And this Arihant General Knowledge 2019 Book Pdf will be read in the English language, all of you students will know that General Knowledge (GK) is considered very important for every kind of Competitive Examination nowadays.

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Arihant General Knowledge 2019 Book PDF By Manohar Pandey

Book Description: Sound knowledge of all the major events, ideas, and progress of mankind have become mandatory for all the major competitive admissions, recruitment, interviews and easy discussions for group discussions. On pre-condition, someone should be on the mark with multi-disciplinary information to give a sophisticated preparation for the highest scoring section of the examination.

General Knowledge 2019 covers integral information in a broad spectrum so that students can get help in the preparation of upcoming examinations such as SSC, Bank, Railway, Police, NDA / CDS, and others.

In addition to the important current matters, the book provides subject-specific coverage of relevant factual information divided into 6 sections. To facilitate easy retention, the book included with illustrated figures, graphics and tables ensure authenticity in a point-by-order sequence under logical subject heads. Everything, the current book will prove beneficial for preparing meaningful time for written examinations, along with time for group discussions and interviews.

Contents in Arihant General Knowledge 2019 Book PDF

Current Affairs – In this book, the information of the current affairs from the beginning of the year to the end is given which will be useful in the current affairs 2019. Only those important Current Affairs are kept in this book.

Indian History – This section contains all the questions related to the history of India. All the questions related to the history of India have been kept in the examination or there is the possibility of being asked.

General Knowledge – If you talk about general knowledge, then this topic is so important that if all the answers are answered in the answer then you can easily get good marks in any exam. That is why the name of this book is General Knowledge 2019 PDF because the general knowledge of the questions asked in this book is enclosed in 2019.

Indian Economy – All the important questions related to the Indian economy that is going to prove useful in your examination are kept in this book. This will help you a lot.

GS General Science – General Science This is a topic in which important questions related to all general science such as zodiacal, chemistry, physics, etc. have been given. Those who are asked in all the examinations.

Arihant General Knowledge 2019 Book PDF

General Knowledge is a steady awareness of the progress of one’s surroundings. Building knowledge of all significant events and happenings requires consistency in learning on day to day basis and has also become essential for success in all competitions.

General knowledge 2019 by Manohar Pandey comes as comprehensive assimilation of factual information which proves useful for the aspirants of SSC, Bank, Railway, Police, NDA/CDS & Other Exams. With extensive coverage on current affairs, the book presents facts and figures with appropriate use of pictograms, graphics, and tables for Simplified Learning and Easy Grasping.

The syllabus for General Knowledge is broad & undefined and requires accurate, complete, topical coverage of facts from all walks of life.

About Arihant General Knowledge 2019 Book PDF

  • Author: Manohar Pandey
  • Edition: 2019
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • No of Pages: 160

Download Arihant General Knowledge 2019 Book PDF

Arihant General Knowledge 2019 Book PDF By Manohar Pandey

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