Oxford School Atlas Pdf Free Download in English Version


In order to further improve the competitive examination, today we have brought Oxford School Atlas Pdf in the PDF. where questions are often asked in competitive examinations. If you are preparing for SSC, BANK, RAILWAY, IAS and other competitive exams, then this note will be very useful for all of you.

Key Features 

1. Provides the latest available demographic and socio-economic data culled from authoritative sources, such as Census of India 2011, Statistical Year Book 2013, Planning Commission, PRB 2012, HDR 2013, FAO, UNSD, WMO, etc.

2. Includes separate physical and political maps of India and the continents.
3. Contains new and informative thematic maps including 20 maps focussing on Indian agriculture, 15 maps on minerals and industries and 17 on demography and human development.
4. Reflects recent geo-political and socio-economic developments, and climatic and environmental concerns focusing on India and the world.
5. Provides comprehensive coverage of the continents including thematic features of each continent, and regional maps of countries and regions.
6. Includes a new and informative section on ‘World—Facts and Figures’ comprising the latest information on each country including flags, ‘World—Statistics’, ‘World—Geographic Comparisons’, and a ‘World—Time Zones’ map.
7. Contains a fully updated and revised index.

Download Oxford School Atlas PDF

Oxford School Atlas Pdf